Saffy Update

Saffy had an appointment with her transplant surgeon this morning. Everything is very positive; we couldn’t be happier.

She’s scheduled for a CT scan next month to look for any tumor recurrence — 11 months after her last one in October 2003. We don’t expect any bad news, but we need to keep an eye out because there haven’t been any reports of transplant recipients surviving hepatic angiosarcoma. However, most died within a year, and Saffy is well past that at 2.5 years. She’ll probably receive one more CT scan a year later in 2005, which should be her last.

We also met with Saffy’s endocrinologist; and, now that she’s turning three years old, she’ll be weaned off Synthroid (synthetic growth hormone) over the next six weeks. Physically, she’s about the size of a 2.5 year old, so she’s catching up nicely.

Interestingly, with Liam turning two years old last week, we took the same portraits of him that Saffy had a year ago when she turned two. It’s an interesting comparison to see how further along he is at two than she was a year ago. (Compare her hanging feet with his feet on the ground.)

Saffy at 2 (Aug 2003)

Liam at 2 (Jul 2004)

Saffy at 2

Liam at 2

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