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Nude Photography

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

I continue to periodically publish my nude photography. My fifth set just went up.

The Wesleys and the Ustickes

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

The below footnote tells an interesting account from 1746 of one of my ancestor’s attempt to arrest a Wesley brother (the founders of Methodism). As clergy in the Church of England and members of the establishment, my family were natural enemies of the Wesleys. (William Usticke is also my son’s name.)

William Usticke, J.P., of Leah, or Leigha, St. Buryan. At Trevallard, July 25, 1746, Charles Wesley writes:

I was led undesignedly to pray for our drunken persecutor. . . . I had left my hymn-book in my chamber, and stepped up for it. One came after me with news that Mr. Eustick [Usticke] was just coming to take me up. I went down to the congregation, but my friend Eustick was gone, without beating man, woman, or child. He only asked if Mr. Wesley was there, for he had a warrant to apprehend him; went out at the other door, and told those he met he had been searching ail the house for Wesley, but could not find him. We supposed he had not got sufficient courage, i.e. drink, for his purpose, and expected his return. To make the devil a liar, I began preaching an hour before the appointed time. . . .

In the courtyard Charles preached again on ‘Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?’ which he calls a two-edged sword. He concluded with the hymn, the first verse of which he gives in the Journal,

Glory and thanks and praise
To Him that hath the key!
Jesus, Thy sovereign grace
Gives us the victory;
Baffles the world and Satan’s power,
And open throws the gospel door.

One almost wonders whether Charles did not compose this specially for the occasion, as he certainly did other hymns during his Cornish tours.