USA Today features Star Wars C3

USA Today has a blog about C3 including a picture of Lynne & Shannon.

Scantily-clad, Star Wars-style: I’m walking down a corridor when I spot about 50 people in a circle, snapping pictures at something I can’t see. The crowd, mostly men, are giddy with delight. Is it Lucas himself? Nope. Two young scantily-clad women. Lynne Phillips, 29, of San Francisco is dressed in Princess Leia’s “slave girl” bikini from Return of the Jedi. Shannon Mayfield, 29, of Houston is wearing Padme’s ripped, belly-baring outfit from Attack of the Clones. Why are they here? “For our love of Star Wars,” they sing simultaneously. How do they know each other? “We met in line for Episode 1,” they echo. Do they always speak in unison? “Yes!”
Lynne Phillips, 29, of San Francisco opts for the Princess Leia gold bikini and Shannon Mayfield, 39, of Houston, goes for Padme’s white crop top.

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