Westchester Gaming Group’s first annual (hopefully) WGGCon is Friday through Sunday, Sept. 25-27, 2009.

Featuring two nights of gaming and (very little) roughing it.

We have a cabin rented at Croton Point Park, that has three bedrooms, a dining area with table, frig, and electricity. We’re very close to Elliot’s place (and civilization) so we can run out for supplies, games, and food as needed.

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Map of Croton Point Park. Cabins are all the way at the very botton tip.
Blurry picture of cabin
Cabin kitchen
Lovely artwork!
One of three bedrooms
Covered picnic tables just across the lawn

3 Responses to “WGGCon”

  1. Digital Autumn Says:

    I think the artwork looks like ship.

  2. Leesa Says:

    Looks like fun! Did you see the concurrent activities I posted (seining and beach clean-up) that the county will be conducting for non-gamers or just for a break?

  3. Alec Usticke Says:

    I saw that. Thanks, Leesa.

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